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Mr. James Hakes

Ubuntu 12.04 installation

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Hey Guys


I tried installing Caeses/FFW 3.0 for 64bit linux distributions.

I extract the tar.bz2 file, and from there I cant find any documentation on how to install, readme.txt, install.txt etc.

so i tried;




sudo make install


but this does not work, my Ubuntu skills are pretty average and i don't know where to go next.


any chance you guys could give me some pointers?






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Dear James,


An installation like a windows installation is not necessary. Simply download the tar.bz2. Extract it and run it. If it is running the first time, you need to register your installation in case of a commercial use or you need to create a CAESES access. Everything is managed with the same start binary.




# open a Terminal
# goto your favorite folder
cd /opt
# download CAESES-FFW
wget http://www.friendship-systems.com/downloads/software/software-archive/CAESES-FFW_3.0.9_Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2
# extract the container
tar xf CAESES-FFW_3.0.9_Linux.x86_64.tar.bz2
# start the application




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