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Hi, I'm a mechanical engineering student and also a neophyte of CAESES. First of all i'd like to thank all the people who will answer to my question; I'm trying to modify an example model of a PFi engine in Converge CFD and mainly i'd like to modify the piston bowl, in order to improve some effects. I've discovered CAESES in this way, but I was unable to find very accurate information. So, I'd be really grateful if someone can tell me how to modify only a single part (the piston bowl) of the imported model ( thus maintaining all the existing geometrical relationships, defined before in Converge CFD) and, if I don't ask too much, what are the steps to follow in order to do this independently.

Thanks for your attention, again.


Tt hus maintaining all existing relationships

thus maintaining all existing relationships



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Hi Pablo,


you can import a surface.dat file into CAESES. It will split each boundary so that you have a trimesh for each boundary. This means that you can re-model certain surfaces and afterwards combine again with the rest of the original surfaces/boundaries. 


There is a tutorial on how to create a piston bowl inside CAESES. This will help you I guess.





best regards



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