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Found 2 results

  1. Hello. I need connect Caeses with Matlab (Nemoh code), when run the software-connector only is launched Matlab, but is not launched my script, the script must execute a bat file. Thank you in advance Regards.
  2. The attached project shows the export feature I presented at this year's User's Meeting. Its purpose is to show how to use Features to export and import custom file formats using Features. Additionally, it shows how to connect such an export to a SoftwareConnector. [update 4.0]: Please read the second post in this topic to see the improvements regarding connecting your export feature with the Software connector. The geometry is based on the "Basic Hull Model" sample. There are two FStructPanelMeshes (main and stem) that are grouped in a FPanelMeshGroup and transformed using the combination of FImagePanelMeshGroup and FScaling. Running the Feature "exporter" will export the scaled PanelMeshes to a file (see the console output for the full path). The Feature "importer" will import files of the correct format (e.g. one that was exported using the "exporter") to structured panel meshes. The "success" value that is calculated in the export Feature is added to the configuration of a SoftwareConnector, so that it is ran prior to running the external computation. [update]: In 4.0 this is no longer necessary (see next post). Notes: The export feature is written to be used within a SoftwareConnector. In order to make sure that the feature is triggered before running the computation, it takes the file path as an argument with the value set to "getInputDir()". That command yields the input directory of the currently running computation. By setting that command as an argument value, the feature becomes dependent (i.e. a "client") of the so-called PathManager. This ensures, that the export will be triggered before running a computation. If you execute the feature outside of the computation-run the exported file will not be in the correct location for your external program. [update]: In 4.0 this is no longer necessary (see next post). Using "getInputDir()" instead of "getResultsDir()" (which gets the actual working directory of the external process) will export the file to the "input" sub-directory of the computation's results directory. This is done in order to allow the feature to be used in conjunction with remote executions of computations using the SshResourceManager. [update]: In 4.0 this is no longer necessary, files referenced with a relative path are automatically written into the input directory (see next post). featureExport.fdb
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