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  1. Hello Everybody, I am currently trying to follow the s-duct tutorial to get started with using openFOAM and CAESES However, when I am trying to launch the runner in step 10, openFOAM throws the following error: --> FOAM FATAL ERROR: Unknown simulationType RASModel Valid simulation types: 3(LESRASlaminar) from the constant/turbulenceProperties file. Apparently the syntax of openFOAM has changed in the most recent versions. However when I simply change the simulation type to RAS instead of RASModel I get a different error: --> FOAM FATAL IO ERROR: keyword RAS is undefined in dictionary "/home/jl2579/CAESES_4.3.1_Linux.x86_64/MyProjects/sduct_OpenFOAM_CFD/manual_results/baseline/Runner/constant/turbulenceProperties" file: /home/jl2579/CAESES_4.3.1_Linux.x86_64/MyProjects/sduct_OpenFOAM_CFD/manual_results/baseline/Runner/constant/turbulenceProperties From function Foam::dictionary& Foam::dictionary::subDict(const Foam::word&) in file db/dictionary/dictionary.C at line 422. FOAM exiting I know I probably have to edit some files and update the syntax, but since I am new to caesis, openFOAM and CFD simulation in general I am quite lost at the moment. Can anybody help me out? cheers,Johann
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