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  1. Hello all, I'm trying to import a VTK_PolyData (.vtp) into the Caeses. I'm using the Data Connection -> VTK option. However, Caeses can't find any data on it, because no object is created in the Obejct Three. I'm using the vtkXMLPolyDataWriter to write the VTK file. Is it supported? Should I use another writer? Thanks a lot, Humberto ps.: Please, dont remember my about Brazil x Germany game! =~
  2. Hello all, I've created a feature do calculate the Bereau Veritas design. Now I wanna plot it using a panelMesh. I tryed to used a unstructuredPanelMesh, using the command: .setData(FVector3Series point data, FUnsignedSeries panel data, FListOf<FDoubleSeries> metaData, FListOf<FString> meta data names). My question is: what should I use for the FUnsignedSeries panel data? I couldn't realise it by myself. Thanks a lot, Humberto
  3. Hello all, I created a project to integrate a program into the framework. Now I want to use this program into another project. I tryed the copy/paste procedure, but the files connections were losten. How id the best way doing this? Thanks, Humberto
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