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  1. Hi, anyone, I want to connect Caeses with Sesam but I just see a pdf about this two softwares.I don't know how to do. Anyone know how to do or whether this can come ture? Yours Susan.
  2. Hi, Gustaf. Can you teach me the surface to the stem, I don know how to make the surface end at a arc. I will be appreciate it If you can help me !
  3. Hi,Mr. Heinrich von Zadow,I find a sample and learned it ,now I built some surface of the bow, but there is a surface can not match with other surfaces. I wonder if you have advice. Thankfully!!! I used the future below. And result is as follows.
  4. Unfortunately, I don't have any materials and can only rely on the help documents in the software,and I do not find some material about full parametric modeling.
  5. But, I don't know how to do it,and there are not tutorials about the futures and some operation.
  6. Yes, I have tried to do a BRep morphing by FFD to the bow ,but it changed too little.So I try to rebuild the bow of the ship.
  7. Hi,anyone here,I want to do a full parametric modeling of the bow,it's an icebreaker bow ,but i don't know how to do it. I hope someone can help me. Sincerely !!! Susan
  8. Thanks for your reply,Mr.Claus Abt. It is helpful!!
  9. Hi, I am a newcomer, using the Caeses to optimize the bow of ship.But I don't know how to get the angle of waterline and buttock line, (Or how to get the angle between tow curves) and I want to know weather there is some feature can solve my problem.I would greatly appreciate it if anyone could provide assistance!!! Susan
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