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  1. I did some digging, it seems the MAP (HDR Image) is missing in the Default and Plain Color Environment settings... Adding a plain image return the color to the model.
  2. Setting the environment to warehouse solves the red surface issue. Default and Plan Color both produce red sufaces without chaging settings. The Warehouse and Multi Area Light seem to solve the issue. I am indeed running via a remote desktop. When it was working before I was on the machine itself. That might be the issue with the other environments? I will try again when back at the office. Regards, Etienne
  3. New output, sorry was missing the start bit... glOutput.txt
  4. CAESES displays no errors. It was working fine a couple of days ago, but now I only have red surfaces. See the command output in the TXT file. I will try updating the graphics drivers (have not tried that yet). --> UPDATE: this did not help... Etienne glOutput.txt
  5. All surfaces are displayed in red.
  6. Hello, I am following some tutorials and modifying the basic hull sample file. For some reason all my surfaces are always displayed with the color red, regardless of what settings for color I use. See the attached image. I also tried opening other CAESES sample files with the same result, all surfaces are red. Any idea what this could be? Regards, Etienne Duchateau
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