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  1. Hi, In order to understand your definition of pitch, skew and rake I have a couple of questions. In the documentation there is a profile and a picture showing the definitions, although its slightly confusing since the (by the look of it) the pitch definition is defined as the blade profile is rotating around max thickness when picth is altered. If that is the case then rake would be influenced and this is not the case when you model the blade by the curves in CAESES. Can you point out what the tho points in that picture represents, one should be the generator line and the other max thickness, but which is which? BR Daniel
  2. Hi, What is the most straight forward way of exporting lines (in xy-plane) to AutoCad? Regards Daniel
  3. Hi I've tried to understand how to do this the most straight forward way but I cannot find the suitable functions for it. I want to do a generic curve with x and y inputs. And the x and y needs to be functions of a number of predefined B-spline curves. So if I for instance would like to set x as (A^2 * sin B ), where A and B are predefined B-spline curves in my project. How do I do this the most effective way by feature programming? BR Daniel
  4. Hi, There is a label called "FGIPropeller" under Administration which holds the various 2Dscenes for the propeller 2d-drawing and tables. When I have my propeller design where do I find the functions to create this 2d setup? BR Daniel
  5. Hi and thank you guys for a good training session! I've got two questions: Firstly, is there any way de-coupling the various windows from the framework in order (for instance) to have the 3d-view in a separate monitor? Secondly, when designin a blade, the 2d blade features are still very important in order to relate it to old designs and in order to be able to do a 2d-drawing. What tools and functions are the best to relate the 3d generic blade to a 2d-plane (i.e developed view) Regards Daniel
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