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  1. Hi, I'd like to know how to connect two external softwares to CAESES. In particular, I'm trying to connect CAESES to harpoon(meshing tool) and OpenFOAM(simulation tool) together. Harpoon imports the trimesh CAESES created and exports the mesh files in OpenFOAM format and OpenFOAM runs with these mesh files and other input files. I have succeeded in connecting CAESES to harpoon and OpenFOAM, respectively, but I have failed in connecting these softwares to CAESES together. In this case, I think I have to set up connection between harpoon and OpenFOAM, but I don't know how to do that. Could you tell me how to set up my case? P.S. I'm trying the setting like the following: computationLocal Application: harpoon Input Geometry: trimesh (Format: OpenFOAM STL) Input Files: config file(necessary when harpoon is executed in batch mode) computation01Local Application: simpleFoam Input Files: system/controlDict, system/fvSchemes, system/fvSolution, constant/RASProperties, constant/transportProperties, 0/U, 0/p Thanks in advance for your help.
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