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  1. Hello, after the calculation and optimization with "EnsembleInvestigation" I'm exporting a gnuplot plot (.png). It is visible in the picutureViewer for the different designs. But I would like to see it together with the results and screenshot in the Documentation Browser. So I can see it all together on one page and don't have to swtich. Is there a possibility? Thanks for you help. Matthias
  2. Hello, I want to take automatically Screenshots within the "EnsembleInvestigation" Tool. The Problem I have now is that the Light in my 3DWindow is on the backside of my Model which I don't want to show. So the side I want to show is in the shadow and you can rarely see details. Is there a possibility to edit the light settings? Thanks for your help. Matthias
  3. Hello, I want to trimm the smaller black circle at the point where the dot is (s. attached picture). Is there a possibilty? Because I need one closed curve to creat a surface later. Or maybe I can creat a new circle. But I don't know how to get the end angle. Thank you for your help. Matthias
  4. Hallo, i want to get the value of the arcus tangens function. How can I do that? I tried arctan(), but it didn't work. Thank you!
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