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  1. In CAESES you will find the profile definition for NACA 66 profiles.


    For its use in a blade definition, you have to put it into a feature definition, similar to the NACA 4D which comes with the samples. You have to replace the feature definition in the curveEngine for your blade by your own definition which then is based on the NACA 66.








    Thank you Mr. Claus Abt,

    I find that  CAESES provides a number of naca 6 series airfoil ,naca66-006 ,66-008 ,66-010 and something like that.However the airfoil "naca66 a=0.8" is  a kind of combined airfoil and  have not been contained in CAESES.Thank you anyway ,spline curver maybe help.

  2. Hi,

    I am a postgraduate student majoring in marine propulsion, and I find some problem when I try to use the Propeller Free Format(PFF) file. I want to establish a blade model by importing a PFF file, however, I have no idea about expressing the skew parameter of the propeller in a PFF file. I have downloaded the demo PFF file fromhttps://www.caeses.com/blog/2017/introduction-to-pff-propeller-free-format/#respond, and the skew is not presented in this file.  So how can I figure out this problem.

    Best regards.

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