What Our Customers Say

Michael Palm

Before introducing CAESES we ran about one hundred RANSE simulations per year. On the basis of CAESES we are now able to undertake several ten thousands of viscous simulations every year with no additional effort. This gives us an exceptional insight for key product decisions that we would not be able to generate without CAESES.

Michael Palm Head of Ship Hydrodynamics - VOITH Turbo Schneider Propulsion GmbH
Nicolas Lachenmaier

By using CAESES, we could massively bring down our turbine design cycle from several months to only a few weeks.

Nicolas Lachenmaier Engineer for Fluid Dynamics and Thermal Analysis - MTU Friedrichshafen
Pol Muller

In our experience, using CAESES for creating parametric models was MUCH faster and easier than with our traditional CAD tool – hours versus weeks! For complex geometries such as ship hulls and propellers, the traditional CAD tool was not the optimum solution because when creating variants we experienced a lot of infeasible geometries, whereas in CAESES we had almost 100% success. At Sirehna, CAESES has become an indispensable tool for conducting comprehensive shape optimization studies in an automated CFD-driven design process.

Pol Muller Head of Thrusters - Sirehna (a DCNS Company)
Qin Bingjun

Getting technical support from FRIENDSHIP SYSTEMS feels like having an expert within my own team. Not only do I get fast professional responses to address my specific questions, but above and beyond that I’m given expert guidance of how to squeeze out the very best performance of my designs.

Cho Tae-Ik

If the hull is already optimized using CAESES it cannot be improved any further.

Cho Tae-Ik Executive Vice President - DSME
Rainer Grabert

When designing on the basis of a parametric model within CAESES we now need just a few minutes to modify the geometry, for instance to capture change requests by a customer. With our traditional CAD we used to spend at least half a day to realize similar adjustments. CAESES really speeds up our processes.

Rainer Grabert Head of Department Resistance and Propulsion - Schiffbau-Versuchsanstalt Potsdam
Tilman auf dem Kampe

We launched a pilot project with Friendship Systems to evaluate CAESES in May, it helped us solve a time-critical task in July and it became a design tool by October. By then we had created flexible and robust parametric models for complex parts, enabling us to optimize in design spaces we had previously not been able to explore.

Tilman auf dem Kampe Head of Aerodynamics Technology Development, Large Gas Turbine Engineering - SIEMENS
Ruhou Gao

I enjoy using CAESES as it allows me to parametrically generate geometries without ever going through a CAD design cycle. In this sense it really streamlined my process from concept to CFD verification.

Ruhou Gao Turbomachinery Engineer - Spencer Turbine Company
Dr. Toni Klemm

I have been successfully using CAESES for many years now. It allows me to create my own customized toolbox with everything I need in the different stages of the pump design process. The functionality of CAESES greatly accelerated and complemented our traditional design process. Finally, it lets us improve the quality of our various different types of pumps.

Dr. Toni Klemm CFD Engineer - KSB SE & Co.
Bardo Krebber

As Friendship Consulting, FutureShip and then DNVGL, we have been using CAESES since 2008 as geometry tool for optimization of ship hulls and appendages. It comes as a stable working platform, which is constantly serviced and developed by an innovative team. The open parametric approach exactly meets our way of working. So, we can create and develop our own models in CAESES to provide the best hull forms to our customers. CAESES combines distinct mathematical CAD with modern handling and appearance. It is easy and intuitive to use but also provides full control for all who like or need mathematical definitions. With its inbuilt feature programming, it even allows us to put in place own demands for almost all kinds of additional ideas. CAESES proved to be the best available solution in the market for our services.

Bardo Krebber Naval architect and optimization specialist - DNV GL