November Workshop Series

November Workshop Series

November Workshop Series

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For November 2016, we have scheduled a workshop series that addresses beginners and advanced users of CAESES® and CAESES® Free. We have put them together such that interested participants can join both workshops in Potsdam, Germany. If you join both, we have prepared a discount for you, see the registration form below. The workshop language will be either German or English, depending on the audience.

We look forward to seeing you there 🙂 check out all the details below:

Introduction Workshop:
Getting Started with CAESES®

Germany, Potsdam · 22. November · Full day 9:00 – 17:30 · Price: 800 €

Target Audience: Beginners from any industry. No CAESES® experience required.


This full day workshop gives you an introduction to CAESES®. No experience is needed, we really start right from the beginning. We will go through the following topics together with you:

  • Introduction to the object-oriented concept
  • Basics of parametric modeling in CAESES®
  • How to automate geometry generation
  • Introduction to features and feature programming

If you want to get started with simulation-ready and variable CAD, then this workshop is a great choice.

Advanced Workshop:
Creation of High-Quality and High-Performance Geometry Models

Germany, Potsdam · 23. November 2016 · Full day 09:00 – 17.30 · Price: 1,000 €

Target Audience: CAESES® users from any industry with some first experience that want to deepen their expertise.


Creating a parametric model that is accurate, closed in a clean way and has a high update performance needs some expertise in CAESES®.

We have collected a set of critical technical issues from real-life projects that we will discuss with you. Based on a hands-on example, we will look into geometry details that are not obvious when getting started with CAESES®. We have also worked on many new developments in the last 6 months which exclusively help to build greater solid models – now we want to hand over our ideas and our expertise to you in this workshop.

The goal is to give you a deeper understanding on how to create a real high-quality model, and how to make use of advanced CAESES® functionality. This finally speeds up your CAESES®-based design process since you will avoid general technical mistakes with your new models in the future. Here is an outline of the content:

  • Use of rail curves for creation of closed and clean geometries
  • When to re-parameterize curves and the consequences
  • New curve commands which focus on solid generation
  • Accuracy issues of intersections and projections
  • BRep attributes and operations
  • BRep operation IDs and related commands such as getTangentEdgeFrom()
  • BRep tessellation details and display options
  • BRep color settings for automated export
  • BRep data amounts and how to reduce it
  • Working with BRep edge IDs
  • Visualization of the “hidden” NURBS representation
  • Trimming i.e. remove faces from imported BReps
  • Which export format for which simulation tool

This workshop addresses rather experienced users, and users that want to take the next step into high-quality geometry modeling in CAESES®.


If you join both workshops, your total workshop fee is only 1,500 €.

In order to register to one or to both of the workshops, please fill out the form below. You are interested in such a workshop but the location is too far away? Then drop us a line and we’ll get back to you with more information about alternative training possibilities.


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